As per the information and some sources, we learned that someone apart from us has created fake email ids, logo, website etc., which appears like ours, and they claim themselves as our constituent part. But it’s not true at all. With these unfair processes, they cheat the people and affect them with a significant financial loss. We request that all our customers be safe, analyse all the parameters for their credibility, trustworthiness, and reputation, and focus on the following.

  • Avoid any demand for the loan’s preapproval charges because there are no preapproval charges in our services, and overall no charges are concealed. Everything has been explicitly mentioned in the terms and conditions and shared by our executive.
  • Various websites can send you some links for approval; once you do that, your data can be misused from their side. Therefore, we request that you all avoid accepting unknown links and sharing your data.
  • We always communicate with our registered mail id, i.e. ( Insert Mail ), so never share your documents or information with anyone else.
  • 4. We condemn this unfair and unrighteous action by the delinquent persons.

Overall, we request that all our customers be aware of fraud and check the websites' reliability, authenticity and trustworthiness.