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Loan For Shopping

A loan for shopping is instantly available with us so that you can proceed to purchase the desired object as per your requirements. Its application process is smooth which makes your shopping easy and affordable, especially when you have to purchase some immediately required stuff.


Loan For Hour Household Emergency

Proceeding for an instant loan with fast disbursal is the best idea rather than waiting for longer. We facilitate with our easy loan services to maintain your stability with patience so that you can confront emergencies well. It helps you accomplish the instant requirements of cash


Loan to Clear all Unexpected & Pending Bills

Our instant loan services help you clear all unexpected pending bills like for the credit card. It helps you be safe from any disconnection or penalties. Our loans are designed and available to help all eligible customers having requirements for cash instantly


Loan for Travel & Ease

We offer a loan for travel that can enhance your experiences of wonder lust. It helps you enjoy your journey and make them memorable. Our basic intention is to make your journey free from any intervention especially due to the cash crunch. Hence, it makes you comfortable with all the possible financial support during travelling

Payment Example


12 Months

Loan Amount


Interest Rate

31.2% PA

Admin Fee




Amount Deposited

Rs. 98000


Rs. 9897

Total Interest



  • Minimum loan amount - Rs 5,000 /-
  • Maximum loan amount - Rs 1,00,000 /-
  • Tenure - 90 Days to 365 Days.
  • Processing fee - 2% of loan amount.
  • No pre - closure charges
  • ROI (Rate of interest) @ 1.25% to 2.60% Monthly
  • APR (Annual Percentage Rate) @ 16% to 34%.
  • Cheque bounce charges: Rs. 1000/-

How To Determine APR?

APR is computed by multiplying the periodic interest rate by the number of compounding periods within a year. It does not reflect the frequency of interest application to the principal balance. The determination of the annual percentage rate (APR) relies on factors such as your credit score, desired loan amount, and stable income. Typically, a favourable CIBIL score corresponds to a lower APR, whereas a lower CIBIL score results in a higher APR. However, in our case, we offer a fixed APR that remains consistent for all borrowers.

Functioning of Our Rates and Fees

APR ensures transparency and consumer protection by providing a standardised metric for comparing loan offers. It considers all costs, including fees and charges, giving a comprehensive view of the borrowing cost. Additionally, APR is often lower than credit card rates, allowing for consistent cost comparison across loan terms and durations.